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1970 Exterior Paint Colors

S - Champagne Gold Poly.
Good Clean Fawn Poly.

K - Bright Gold Poly.
Freudian Gilt Poly.

C - Dark Ivy Green Poly.
Bring 'Em Back Olive Poly.

3 - Calypso Coral
Home on the Orange

T - Candyapple Red
Counter Revolutionary Red

M- Wimbledon White
Knight White

N - Diamond Blue
Baby Blue Ice

5 - Ginger Poly.
Medium Brown Poly.

F - Dark Bright Aqua Poly.
Young Turquoise Poly.

6 - Acapulco Blue Poly.
Hulla Blue Poly.

P - Medium Ivy Green Poly.
Three Putt Green Poly.

Q - Medium Blue Poly.
There She Blue Poly.

D - Bright Yellow

O - Original Cinnamon Poly.

W - Yellow

B - Dark Maroon

G - Medium Lime Poly.

U - Grabber Orange

X - Dark Blue

Anti-Establish Mint Poly.

J - Grabber Blue

2 - New Lime

Z - Grabber Green

8 - Morning Gold

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