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1973 Exterior Paint Colors

2B - Bright Red

4C - Ivy Bronze Poly.

5H - Med Brown (Ginger) Poly.

6C - Med Yellow Gold

2C - Red Poly.

4N- Medium Aqua

5J - Ginger Glow Poly.

6D - Yellow

3B - Light Blue

4P - Medium Green Poly.

5L - Tan

6E - Med Bright Yellow

3D - Medium Blue

4Q - Dark Green Poly.

5M - Medium Copper Poly.

6F - Gold Glow Poly.

3K - Blue Glow Poly.

4S - Light Green

5N - Med Orange Poly.

9A - White

4B - Bright Green Gold Poly.

5A - Light Pewter Poly. 

6B - Light Goldenrod

9C - Pearl White

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